Fremd Lacrosse 2020 Fundraiser

We are trying to raise funds for the Fremd Lacrosse program. The money will go directly toward rewards for the athletes in the program or items that will make their experience a great one.

$2,905.00 donated
$8,000.00 goal
Campaign ends on March 20, 2020 Campaign ended on March 20, 2020

Fremd Lacrosse is a program that helps develop young men to be better citizens, students, and athletes. With over 50 players in the program, we develop our athletes, so that they can compete at the highest high school level. Most importantly we incorporate lessons that will transcend the sport of lacrosse.

The purpose of this fundraiser is to help the program make the experience for these young men an experience that they will always remember. The funds will go towards both the athlete that you choose to be the beneficiary and towards the program to make the experience a great one.

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Roberta Del Giudice
1052 days ago
Harry Rutz
1052 days ago
Stephanie Halloran
Benchmark #1
1052 days ago
Libby Wright
1053 days ago
Thaddeus Gruchot
1053 days ago
Stephanie Halloran

From Grandma Halloran

1053 days ago
Dan Halloran
Benchmark #2
1054 days ago
David Harvey
1054 days ago
Virginia Wright

Have great season Vikings!

1054 days ago
Renee Robinson
1055 days ago
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