Maricopa High School EdRising

EdRising would like to buy an EdRising banner to recruit more students into our club.

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Campaign ends on December 31, 2021 Campaign ended on December 31, 2021

EdRising is a club at Maricopa High School. This club is in its first year at MHS. Students in EdRising are also in the Education Profession class. EdRising promotes educational experiences, hands-on and discovery learning. EdRising is focused on providing future teachers an opportunity to experience the teaching profession as a high school student. We would love the opportunity to buy an EdRising banner to promote our club at school to get even more students involved.  As we all know, Arizona has a low retention rate for teachers. The earlier students learn about the joys of teaching, the more likely they will go into the teaching profession. 

Any extra money we make will go towards field trips like visiting college campuses and use for supplies in our classroom and for future fundraisers. 

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Marlene Armstrong

I believe in you and what you are doing for our profession and Maricopa! I am so excited to see the fruit of your hard work and dedication!

919 days ago
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