Parent Membership Dues


 Membership in the PTA comes with many rewarding benefits.  You can be more involved in the decisions made at school, and through volunteering and fundraising, you can contribute to the success of many projects that enrich your child's education - from providing new technology to supporting professional development for our teachers.

    Last year alone, the PTA supported many important needs at Devon Aire K8 such as:  

* musical instruments for band/orchestra
* physical education equipment  
* books for the library
* extra stipends for teacher training

    For only $ 7 you can become a member now!  You can find envelopes at the front office or with your child's teacher.

    You can also choose to donate more to help provide additional support for the important projects that are supported by the PTA.    
    “Those who become members from 8/24/2015 until 9/30/2015, will have the chance to win an Apple TV”

Zaida Navarro
PTSA  Devon Aire

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Parent Membership Dues


Sep 30th, 2015