2022 Music Performance Adjudication Fundraising

MPA stands for Music Performance Adjudication. The purpose of this event is to provide each performing group with an opportunity to improve and to evaluate its performance by comparison with a set standard of excellence. More importantly, while we are performing, the judges will grade us and give comments on paper and on personal recorders. These comments are vital to improving our choirs’ sound.

Project by: Union County Public Schools


Karen Smiley

Mar 29, 7:27am

To support the music department


Mar 28, 5:24pm


Mar 23, 7:55pm

Jorge Calpo

Mar 16, 11:32am

From Dad ♡


Mar 13, 2:37pm

I believe in the incredible talent of the choir & their leader - Mr AJ Calpo is a rockstar!

Jalen Fair

Mar 13, 11:24am

Stephanie Lasater

Mar 11, 6:54am

Stephen Palmer

Mar 09, 6:47pm

Amazing chorus! Keep up the great work!

Shannon Craig

Mar 09, 4:58pm


Mar 09, 2:00pm