Adopt a Ballerina at Blackshear Fine Arts Academy

Blackshear Elementary Fine Arts Academy is a dynamic school in the heart of Austin, Texas. We are a true community school that utilizes local resources to enrich our students academic and artistic capabilities. Please consider giving to our donation campaign to help us grow and maintain our rich fine arts programming. 

Project by: Blackshear Elementary School


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A $5 donation helps to buy a student shirt for our ballet uniforms.


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A $10 donation supplies a pair of tights for one of our ballerinas.


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A $25 donation provides ballet shoes for a budding dancer.


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A $50 donation covers the cost of a photography lesson for our fourth grade students.


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A $75 donation allows us to do maintenance for our sound system to prepare for student performances.


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A $100 donation allows us to pay for the cost of a bus for student performances away from campus.