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Grade: 9 - 12 Math Classes

Teacher Name: Anthony Hufford & Oliver Rock 

Purpose and Rationale:

We are asking for a total of 35 portable white-boards on wheels. These whiteboards will be used to create meaningful interactions between learners where they are collaborating and communicating to solve challenging problems. They will primarily be used in math & science because of how challenging it sometimes is to create meaningful scenarios in the content where learners can work together and discuss while problem-solving, but other courses also want to create these experiences within their classrooms. In alignment with CISD's value of Great Teaching and our campus's desire to increase collaborative and real-world learning, we will be using these white boards to increase the number of opportunities students have to collaborate meaningfully on course content.

These whiteboards are necessary due to how vital it is to have erasable vertical surfaces when creating safe and meaningful spaces for collaborative problem-solving, just like you see in collaborative office spaces such as Google. These whiteboards will remove physical space between learners, will encourage meaningful discussion by removing distraction, will allow for knowledge to easily "transfer" around the room by making the learning visible to all, and will facilitate teachers being able to see what groups need to keep moving ahead. Currently, many classrooms lack vertical space to work on, but these whiteboards will increase those vertical spaces by a large margin.


We plan on implementing these whiteboards primarily in math & science classrooms where rigorous problem-solving is vital to the content. Some of these whiteboards will also go to non-math classrooms to facilitate similar collaborative problem-solving for the needs of that content. These whiteboards will be distributed so that, combined with existing white boards, there are enough whiteboards for groups to work spread out around the room. Then, groups will regularly use these whiteboards in their lessons & explorations of content. The whiteboards will benefit all students on campus, because every math teacher, as well as some teachers in other content areas, will be implementing these whiteboards in their curriculum-planning and lesson design. All students will be using these whiteboards to collaborate and discuss while solving challenging problems.

External Resources:


Evaluation Summary:

We will measure the success of this project by how much students grow in their collaboration & communication skills while problem-solving. We will use rubrics and other tools to measure their growth in collaboration & communication throughout the semester and use of these boards.

Estimated Completion Date:

April 1, 2023

Items you plan to purchase with grant money:

  • Qty 25: Large Dry-Erase Rolling Magnetic Whiteboard - 48 x 32 inches
  • Qty 10: Rolling Magnetic Whiteboard - 24 x 48 inches

The minimum amount I need to get started on this grant is $4779.55

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