All Kids Bike @ Richard J Lee Elementary
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Grade: Kindergarten

Teacher Name: Ed Hall

Richard J Lee Elementary School has the incredible opportunity to bring a Learn-To-Ride Bike Program to our Kindergarten PE classrooms, to get our students on two wheels!  ​Riding a bike is a developmental milestone that introduces a lifetime of confidence, mobility, and joy.

Richard J Lee has 150 Kindergarten students this year. That means 150 kids will learn to ride a two-wheel bike this year alone, with the potential to reach 750 students in the next five years! 

All Kids Bike Learn-To-Ride Program will be implemented into our school’s annual PE curriculum. This integrative program introduces the life-changing skill of riding a bike within a structured classroom environment. Through a combination of a proven curriculum, 2-in-1 conversion bikes, and ongoing support, the All Kids Bike Program provides a simple and effective solution to help create a nation where all kids can ride a two-wheel bike, unassisted, in kindergarten.

This program has the potential to improve our community’s health, academic achievement and so much more! Bicycling is simple but incredibly transformative for those that possess the skill of riding. Bicycling has the power to improve physical health, mental health, the environment, and much, much more.

In order to implement this program in our school, we need support! The All Kids Bike Kindergarten PE Program costs $7,500.00. For that price, our school would receive training and curriculum for PE teachers, a fleet of Strider 14x AKB-Specific Bikes, helmets, a Strider 20" teacher instruction bike, and ongoing support from All Kids Bike for 5 years.

Thank you for the opportunity to request this financial support for our community, and our school, so that we can introduce our Lee learners to health and happiness on two wheels!

For more information please contact Ed Hall ( or visit the Kindergarten PE Program website found here:

Go Spurs!

School Principal: Chantel Kastrounis

Purpose and Rationale: We are asking for funding for the All Kids Bike program that would bring 35 strider bikes and supporting curriculum and equipment to teach our RJ Lee Spurs the skills of balance, safely riding a bicycle for lifelong health and fitness. The objective of this program is to introduce learners at a young age (Kindergarten) on how to balance and eventually ride a bicycle safely and independently.  Lee is a net zero campus, and we emphasize for learners the value and importance of eco-friendly daily living - cycling aligns to this campus goal by teaching learners a zero emissions way to get to school.  Also, we are a CBL (challenge based learning campus) and this program aligns to that model as it introduces a new skill learners are unfamiliar with and the program teaches them how to approach learning this new skill and accomplish independence with their new skills.  In CISD we value collective engagement to positively impact the lives of our children and the world and this program does just that!  It brings learners together to learn the skills needed to successfully and safely ride a bike, a skill that will stay with them for the rest of their lives and will contribute to both their health and well-being.  

Strategy: This project will be implemented in the Kindergarten PE classrooms during the spring semester.  We will leverage the step by step curriculum to teach our learners the skills needed, in a step by step manner, to be able to balance and then pedal their bikes.  We have 150 Kindergarten students who will start with strider bikes (balance bikes) and they will learn how to balance themselves on their strider bikes while moving forward.  Once students have demonstrated balance and safety, we will add cranks to the strider bikes and begin to teach them how to pedal and balance with control, and how to safely stop their forward momentum.   

External Resources: The school principal has approved this program and is committed to providing partial funding to this program, and we plan to do crowdfunding as needed to complete the fundraising costs.  We hope to receive funds from CEF to expedite and ensure that full project funding will occur and bikes, equipment and curriculum can be purchased prior to end to Fall 2022 so that programming can begin in Spring 2023.  TAHPERD, Texas Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance, members have implemented this program in other schools, and grand coordinator, Ed Hall, is in regular contact with those members to support this initiative at RJ Lee.  

Evaluation Summary: Success will be measured by learners independently demonstrating how to successfully and safely ride a bike.  At the end of the school year 100% of our Kindergarten learners will be able to demonstrate safe and successful cycling techniques.  

Estimated Completion Date: December 31, 2022  

Items you plan to purchase with grant money: 35 strider bikes, 35 adjustable helmets, 35 crank conversion kits, 5-year support plan, and the All Kids Bikes curriculum.

The minimum amount I need to get started on this grant is $7,500

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Good Luck and hope we can make enough funds for kids

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