Breakout EDU for PKE
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Grade: K - 5

Teacher Name: Marnie Ward

Purpose and Rationale: Small group instruction is a priority to Coppell ISD this year. We will utilize Breakout EDU to collaborate with small groups of learners to ensure growth in critical thinking, problem solving and social skills. 

Strategy: This program will be utilized by the GT Specialist to provide enrichment for our question 4 learners, who need opportunities to stretch their thinking. This will be available to learners in grades 2 - 5 at all elementary campuses in the district. Critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication skills are fostered every time learners play Breakout EDU. This purchased plan will include hands on manipulatives and digital resources so that the activities can be utilized by small learners. 

External Resources: None

Evaluation Summary: The GT Specialists will collaborate and reflect on learner experiences with Breakout EDU to utilize the program most effectively. We will meet quarterly to discuss the success and growth areas of the program. We would expect to see improvement in learner critical thinking, communication and grit!

Estimated Completion Date: We will order the kit and begin utilizing digital Breakout EDU immediately upon receiving the funds. 

Items you plan to purchase with grant money: We will purchase 1 Individual Breakout EDU Plan. This includes a kit of physical manipulatives and access to digital tools and activities. 

The minimum amount I need to get started on this grant is [$   199.00  ]

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