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Cottonwood Creek Elementary is looking to expand the Music department by including a percussion group based on the music styles of Trinidad and Tobago. Help CCE Steel get up and running by donating for us to buy the necessary instruments and sheet music!

$625.00 donated
$7,875.00 goal
Campaign ends on November 11, 2022 Campaign ended on November 11, 2022

Grade: Kindergarten - 5th

Teacher Name: Amy White

Purpose and Rationale: I am asking for a minimum of 16 steel drums for my campus and sheet music for them to learn. I would like to expand the knowledge of learners on my campus to include music from many different cultures. I think a fun and engaging way of doing that is through physically experiencing the music you are learning about. Learners would benefit from having access to Steel Drums so that they can play music from Trinidad and Tobago. This engages learners in hands-on learning and exposes learners to new cultures around the world. 

Strategy: I will create a 16-member instrument ensemble called CCE Steel consisting of 3rd through 5th-grade learners. I will also utilize the instruments and music in my classes from Kindergarten through 5th grade. If I receive more than the minimum amount, I will order additional steel drums in different keys to allow for more variety in song selection.

Evaluation Summary: Our grant will be successful when the learners at CCE are excited about coming to music and playing the steel drums. They will be engaged in active music making and looking forward to joining CCE Steel.

Estimated Completion Date: I will begin ordering the instruments and music upon receiving funding with classroom implementation beginning as soon as the drums and music arrive at the school. I will begin CCE Steel in January 2023. 

Items you plan to purchase with grant money: Minimum of 16 Steel Drums (Jumbie Jams - G diatonic from West Music), Jumbie Jam Song Books

The minimum amount I need to get started on this grant is $4,000.

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Jason McCann
Jeana Moore

I love this so much, Amy! Would love to come see a performance by Colt Steel! :D


Once a colt. Always a colt.

Becky Waller (on behalf of Any Student)

This is wonderful, Amy! Good Luck!

Amy Johanson (on behalf of None None)

Go Amy!!!!

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