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Grade: K-5 

Teacher Name: Narda Holguín

Purpose and Rationale:

Speaking is one of the most challenging areas of language development. Research shows that when the output of communication (speaking and writing) is involved learners affective filter and anxiety levels increase (Krashen & Terell, 1983). Learners struggle to develop ideas and often shut down. 

At Pinkerton our mission is to empower learners to become inquirers and compassionate individuals who make innovative contributions to our global society. Speaking multiple languages is an essential component of our mission.  Furthermore,  CISD’s ESL/Bilingual department goal aims to have  70% of emergent bilinguals between first and fifth grade increase oral language by at least one level, or maintain their advanced high rating, as measured by their speaking proficiency on the state mandated assessment, TELPAS 2023. 

Our K-5 multilingual and emergent bilingual learners will benefit from the materials and resources found in these Conversation Stations by participating in  engaging activities that promote speaking languages in a non-threatening way.

The Conversation Stations will be available for check out in the Spanish classroom where conversations in foreign languages happen naturally. These boxes will be grade specific, K-1; 2-3; and 3-5 with age appropriate materials. Our 357 learners will have access to these boxes as well as all of our support staff, including nurses, coaches, counselors, and administrators. These boxes can also be used as necessary for classroom activities like small group instruction, morning meetings, buddy meetings, in-classroom social, and academic activities that require language support and/or accommodations. 

External Resources: 

CISD ESL Instruction Coach, Megan Butkovich, CISD ESL/BIL Instructional Coach, Ana Vizcaya Vazquez, both will provide support with the implementation and success of the Conversations Stations.  

Evaluation Summary: 
We will measure success by providing both qualitative and quantitative data at the end of the school year. Learnes will provide formative feedback after the third use of the Conversation Station by completing a  survey attached to the box. This will help us reflect on the success and implementation of the materials found in the box. We will also compare last year’s TELPAS scores to those that had access and used the Conversation box this school year. 

Estimated Completion Date: January 2023

Items you plan to purchase with grant money: 

3 Sterilite 6 Quart Clear Stacking Closet Storage Tote Container with White Lid

1 Catchbox Plus Microphone

2  Bluetooth Microphones

3  Dowling Magnets Large Magnet Sentence Strips, Reusable Classroom Learning Tool, 24" x 3", Set of 10

3  Dry Erase Cubes 

1  Manners & Co Table Talk Kids

1 The upside down challenge game

1 Kids conversation cards

Question a day game

2 Morning meeting chips

1 Table Topics Family Conversation Packs

The minimum amount I need to get started on this grant is $1,000

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