Economics for Everyone-CEF Template 2022-23 School Year
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Grade: 12


Teacher Name: Dani Roseberry


Purpose and Rationale: 

To obtain funding for Economics game materials and supplies to increase student engagement and improve outcomes amongst special populations (IEP, 504, EB populations) as well as standard student population. Game playing is a proven strategy that includes a teaching method called total physical response (TPR). To use games to have students act out Economics vocabulary and concepts and then debrief about activities. 



To implement physical/ kinesthetic games that require students to use and apply Economic terminology and concepts using a teaching method called total physical response (TPR). It is a teaching method that is proven to increase vocabulary and concept retention and transfer. 


Total student per semester: 180 (max 30 per class, teaching 6 standard classes (3 ICS, 3 standard)


Specific games to be implemented include:


Survivor Island (to teach 4 factors of production, the 3 essential questions of Economics, trade, utility) Click here for example game instructions, outcomes, and procedures.


Candy Price Index Game (covers inflation, money supply, & monetary policy). Example explanation here. Instead of using actual candy, I would use the miniatures I listed below in my request for supplies and then award classroom rewards and test points. I would put the play money in the envelopes requested and then give additional money to simulate money policy and increase in the money supply. This would cause inflation in the classroom economy. Then, we would calculate our class inflation rate based on the increased prices after each round of bidding. This is just one example of games I have used at other schools and would like to implement here. 


Cooperation Game (to teach the terms and concepts of market cooperation between buyers & sellers). 


Please see example game instructions and layouts here:

Playing Birka:


Frozen Price Game: 


“Beans” or consumer good as a medium of exchange 


132 Gains from Trade and Fiat $


Game 142 The Role of a Central Bank 


External Resources: None. School-based only.


Evaluation Summary: 

-Results will be measured with student reflections that require implementation of TEKS required vocabulary, concepts, and mathematical models (depending on the activity; some activities produce graphs and data tables). 

-Game debriefs will be used as a first line of formative evaluation. 

-Then, quizzes, test scores, and project outcomes will be used as summative evaluations of game effectiveness.

-Additionally, students will be given surveys at completion of course in December to self-assess growth and success of activities.


Estimated Completion Date: December 16, 2022 (final grades can be processed and student survey results analyzed at that time).


Items you plan to purchase with grant money: 


3 packs of cardstock to create goods, services, bank certificates, and other items used in games: 


10 sets of this play money:


24 Decks of Cards (12 Red & 12 Blue): 


Brown paper bags: 




Miniature Consumer goods included in CPI “basket of goods”:


8-10 sets dental, hygiene, personal care items on CPI list:


Game chips set:


The minimum amount I need to get started on this grant is $400.

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