Elementary Text Sets

These funds will be used to purchase books for teachers about how to effectively use text sets in the classroom. In addition, text sets will be purchased for science curriculum and TEA book recommendations. These text sets will be available for all teachers to checkout of our literacy library. 

$150.00 donated
$875.00 goal
Campaign ends on November 11, 2022 Campaign ended on November 11, 2022

Grade: 3rd Grade

Teacher Name: Michelle Kimball

Purpose and Rationale: The purpose of this campaign is to raise funds to purchase text sets for Canyon Ranch Elementary. The text sets will be used to enhance and connect content area knowledge with literacy skills. 

Strategy: The text set resources will be housed in the CRE literacy library. These books will be availalbe for all grade level teachers to check out. While the books are mainly geared toward third grade content, teachers at younger grades could utilize them for enrichment and older grade teachers could use these books for review. 

External Resources: In order to pick the books and resources for this grant the following resources were utilized:

  • CISD summer STAAR redesign workshop
  • NGSS recommended read aloud books
  • TEA recommended book list for third grade
  • CISD units of study for science

Evaluation Summary: This campain will be evaluated by looking at the frequency of use of the literacy library resources. In addition, teachers can use formative and summative assessments to evaluate the effectiveness of using text sets in the classroom. 

Estimated Completion Date:  October 31, 2022

Items you plan to purchase with grant money:  Link to grant application for text sets

The minimum amount I need to get started on this grant is [$ 832.95]

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Good initiative, happy to contribute something from my end

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