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Grade: 5th Grade Dual Language (with the intent to extend the opportunity to more learners in the following academic years)

Teacher Name: Christine Scovill

Purpose and Rationale:  My purpose in applying for this grant is to extend the range of engineering opportunities and the types of computer programming/language that are available to our learners at Wilson.   We have learners who have participated in our robotics camps for several years with myself as well as other instructors.  Additionally, many of these learners participated in an engineering club I sponsored prior to the onset of the pandemic and showed enthusiasm to begin buidling more projects on campus this year.  This feels like the right time to provide another experience for our Wilson learners that engages them with technology and engineering in a way that we currently do not have available to offer them as well as allow them the opportunity to code in another language and add that experience to their skill sets.  

Strategy: My plan to implement this project begins by utlilzing a time that is built into our school day called "W.I.N. time" which stands for "What I Need".   This is a time that we have set aside to meet the needs of our learners to both help provide opportunities for remediation as well as opportunities for extensions of their learning.  At this time, the learners that I serve include a large number of learners who are inclined towards engineering and construction toys as well as towards robotics programmiong.  I know this because I served as an educator for many of them in both second and third grade and I know these learners and their talents well.   This group of learners could both benefit from the use of the product I am requesting as well as serve as mentors for learners interested in pursuing this opportunity in years to come.  In order to bring this project to life, the learners who partcipate in this group would be given the task to work on the coding problems inherent in this product for a minimum of three sessions of forty minutes each week.  I am requesting ten kits that could accomodate an initial ten learners.   These learners could then be tasked to serve as mentors and student leaders to show other students how to work through the given tasks, build the required material set ups and open up an even greater number of learners' worlds to the experience of programming in this format using Arduino materials.   

External Resources:  I have parent volunteers who are willing to serve as support to the learners in this role as well as serving myself as a support to the learners as they work through the initial thirty day challenge. These are parents with whom I have partnered in teaching robotics coding and in whom I have great confidence that, working collaboratively, will be able to help our learners grow and add both programming and technology construction skills to their repetoire of S.T.E.M. skills.  

Evaluation Summary: I will measure the success of this program by ensuring that the initial group of learners complete the thirty day challenge that is a part of the kit.  I will then be able to measure the success by allowing those learners to mentor other learners in the successful completion of the thirty day challenge as well.  The intangibles to measure in this program are the joy and motivation that I see come from my learners as they approach new programming and engineering tasks in the classroom with confidence.  Although I cannot give you a concrete measurement for this piece of our work together, I can and will see it evidenced in their work over the course of the remaining academic year and forward as they become middle school learners.

Estimated Completion Date:  My estimated date of completion for this project would be the first week of February.  This date would be revised to sooner if the materials arrive more quickly.   These materials are listed as being on backorder at the moment due to their popularity but are still in stock. 

Items you plan to purchase with grant money: I would like to purchase ten of the Adventure Kits that can be located for review at the following link. 

The minimum amount I need to get started on this grant is $640.00 to allow me to purchase ten kits.

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