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Purple House, a Kinder-5th team at Richard J. Lee Elementary, is asking for a variety of engaging and hands-on STEAM supplies. Some supplies are geared towards K-2nd, 3rd-5th, and some are beneficial to all grades. 

Here's what we are asking for:

Item Video to Learn More about The Product Cost 


Total Cost Grades it Will Benefit Vendor
Edu Station Bundle Touring Turing Tumble Kickstarter Preview $327.55 4 $1310.2 3rd-5th Grade Upperstory.com
Prime Climb Prime Climb Instruction Video $27.95 4 $111.8 3rd-5th Grade Amazon.com
Math For LoveTiny Polka Dot How to Play Tiny Polka Dot $14.95 3 $44.85 K-2nd Grade Amazon.com
Strawbees Classroom Teacher Licenses (1 per grade) Watch the "How Does it Work" Video $240 5 $1,200 K-5th Grade Strawbees.com
Strawbees Sustainability Station Manufacture Connectors with the Sustainability Station by Strawbees $995 1 $995 K-5th Grade Strawbees.com
STEAM Classroom Robotics -Microbit (comes with 1 Strawbees classroom teacher license) Example of a build: Build a Robotic Crane by Strawbees 1,995 1 $1,995 3rd-5th Grade Strawbees.com

Total Grant Cost: $5,656.85

Here is a short video explaining what each item is and how they will benefit learners.

What do we plan to do with the STEAM materials?

  • We plan to incorporate the materials into our lesson design for ALL subject areas in Kinder-5th grade.
  • The Touring Bundle (grades 3-5) and the Strawbees Classroom licenses (grades K-5) BOTH come with lesson plans and curriculum for multiple subject areas.
  • We will make connections to engineering, robotics, logic, computational thinking, the binary system of computers, problem-solving, math (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division), solving puzzles, science, and more.
  • The math games we are asking for will be great additions to our math workshops.
  • We will have conversations about sustainability and how we can use our waste materials to create more Strawbees building connectors.

How do the STEAM materials benefit learners?

  • Learners will be able to make connections to patterns in the natural world, math, science, engineering, computer science, etc. 
  • The skills they learn by using the STEAM materials will last a lifetime and create a sense of wonder for the world around them.
  • Learners will get to build, play, and learn while working collaboratively and vertically K-5th.
  • These materials are all HANDS-ON with minimal to no screen time.
  • The Sustainability Station (a hand-crank die cutter machine) will show learners that they can use their own plastic, paper, and cardboard waste to create endless amounts of more Strawbees connectors. They will get to experiment and make connectors out of different materials, test them out, and see which materials make for the best connectors to build with. This sustainable connection goes great with what we strive to teach learners at our NetZero school!
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