Giant Communication Board for Tiny Humans

In need of an oversized communication board on the AB playground at DCE for our tiniest DCE friends as well as our friends who need more structure in their day. Communication is key!

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I would like to add an oversized AAC board to the AB playground at DCE. I am the blended ECSE teacher at DCE and as such most of my students experience some kind of communciation delays. I work closely with the structured learning classroom as well as the self-contained ECSE teacher on my campus. These boards are essential in our classrooms, but one of the issues I encounter on the playground is the physical act of a learner carrying this around or finding the teacher holding their board in cumbersome.

I believe adding this board will create a more inclusive and accessible environment for our friends with special needs. Students will always know where they can go when needed and all staff will have immediate access to the board. 

We teach our learners that all students learn in different ways and need different things to be successful, however; when they see their friends receiving these services they can feel it is unfair and have many questions. I believe by adding this board it eliminates some of that mystery for our general education students. 


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