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Grade: K-5

Teacher Name: Stacey Harris, Cottonwood Creek Elementary

Purpose and Rationale: I am asking for a gravel path to access the CCE Garden for learning.  Currently I bring my own lawn equipment to mow and weed eat before working with kids in the garden between groundskeeper visits.  The garden is located in a tall grassy area that is not easily accessible for kids and can be home to unwanted critters.  A path to and around the garden beds would provide a safe place for kids to LEARN!  We are also in need of new gloves, watering cans and shovels for kids to get their hands ON LEARNING. 

Strategy: I have already begun hosting "First Farm Fresh Friday" on the first Friday of each month. I am working with all interested K-5 learners during their recess time in the garden.  Considering CISD Science Standards, we are planning and implementing K-5 garden beds that are sustained and maintained by the kids between meetings.  We are learning what to plant and how to care for it.  The learners are utilizing rain barrels for watering and discovering what the soil and garden needs are for a successful crop.  Our FIRST Farm Fresh Friday had OVER 150 learners show up to work in our garden in ONE DAY! 

External Resources: I am working with Larry Thompson, a Master TAMU Master Gardener and CISD Garden Liasson, and Tammy Gilstrap, a retired CISD Physical Education teacher to plan and implement this initiative.  Andra Penny, Cottonwood Creek Principal, is providing a substitute for my Kindergarten classroom on the first Friday of each month when I am in the garden working with all CCE learners.  CCE PTO has provided a new garden shed to store our garden supplies and a $200.00 fund for ongoing garden needs. The Coppell Community Garden provides some transplants and seeds for growing.   

Evaluation Summary: I will measure success by the numbers of kids that stay engaged in this incredible learning opportunity.  We will end each growing season with a Farmers Market to sell the vegetables that we grow.  We will use these funds to help our garden become self-sustaining, purchasing new plants and supplies.  

Estimated Completion Date: As soon as this grant is funded, I will purchase all supplies and get them in the hands of kids. I will coordinate the installation of the gravel path with CISD.   

Items you plan to purchase with grant money: 

130 Cubic Feet Gravel (est. $1,300.00) This will provide a 30-foot path to the garden and a walkway around each 10x8 garden bed for safe access.  

30 Pairs of Small Garden Gloves (est. $60.00). We currently have 30 new pairs of big kid gloves, but need new ones for the younger kids.

30 Small Water Cans (est. $100.00) We currently have 8 cans to be shared between entire grade levels when they use the rain barrels to water the garden.  

30 Plastic Shovels (est.$100.00) Kids need to have tools to use that are safe and will not rust. 

The minimum amount I need to get started on this grant is $60.00 for the garden gloves.  


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Leslie Kuerbitz

The Kuerbitz Family is proud to donate on behalf of London and Logan Straach!

Jennifer Straach
Jenice Godley
Jason McCann

Love what you’re doing! Go CCE!


THE BEST ! What an amazing teacher !

Catherine Udovich

What a great project!


Thank you for this great program! This is such a great thing to teach the kiddos!

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