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Help TODAY and support the CUSD Food & Nutrition Department

Chandler Unified School District's Food & Nutrition Department is committed to providing access to healthy food for all students every day.  Our charging and fill-in meal policies are in place to ensure students can eat a balanced meal, regardless of their account balance or payment status.  This iniative allows members of the community to contribute funds to help cover the negative balance of student meal accounts.

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Our Goal

The Chandler USD Food & Nutrition Department is committed to providing nutritious, appetizing meals that promote health, well-being and learning.  Equity and food access are important district values and being able to bring fresh and healthy food to students all over our District is our focus.

How You Can Help

Chandler USD cafes serve over 26,000 meals per day.  Around 250 meals per day are served to students who do not have enough money on account to cover their cost.  These meals are identical to all other meals intentionally, so as to not stigmatize the students and allow them to eat a meal that their peers are also eating.  This policy equates to a cost of over $25,000 each year that is covered by the District Food & Nutrition Department.  This campaign allows individuals to contribute funds to help student meal accounts current.

How the Process Works

If students in grades K-6 exhaust their meal account, there is a grace period during which the student can charge meals to his or her account.  Elementary school students can charge meals while the kitchen manager and CUSD Food & Nurition office communicates with parent/guardian that the meal account is negative.  During this time, the student can continue to come through the line and choose a meal.  Students in grades 7-12 are not currently able to charge meals and incur a negative balance.  

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