Help kids to grow edible mushrooms

We need to help to expand our mushroom program at Clifton CDS.  We need funding to send our staff to professional development this June.

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Campaign ends on May 31, 2017 Campaign ended on May 31, 2017

The regular school budget doesn't cover all the needs and wants of the faculty and staff as they strive to provide our kids with the best educational experience possible.

Our school offers career and technology education to qualified high school students with disabilities who receive special education services in the Austin Independent School District.  Our Horticulture Program prepares students to work in various aspects of agricultural production, including our newest project, the cultivation of edible mushrooms.  The “farm to table movement”, with its focus on local-sourced and sustainably produced agricultural products, is one of the fastest growing segments of the food service industry.  Our students are getting hands-on experience in cultivation practices that are on the cutting edge of that movement.  To that end, we are seeking funds for professional development to better assist our students as our fledging production facility expands.  Our staff has an opportunity to attend a workshop in British Columbia, Canada in June 2017.  This workshop focuses on growing oyster mushrooms, which is the product our students grow. 

This workshop will help us to:

Cultivate our own spawn

Identify needed equipment

Hone our current process and procedure

Learn from world leading experts in the field.


Funding from this campaign will fund:

Travel expenses (i.e. food, fuel and lodging for 30 days)

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Mary Angel
I love mushrooms!
2625 days ago
2626 days ago
2630 days ago
What? Oyster Mushrooms grow in Texas?
2647 days ago

Because Clifton grows both delicious food and confident leaders.

Clifton Career develops tomorrow's leaders!
2647 days ago

There needs to be more programs like this offered to students. Innovation is a key component in developing today's youth.

I love mushrooms!
2647 days ago
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