Hunger Free MISD - 2020 - 2021 School Year

Hunger Free MISD sends backpacks full of nutritious food home with food insecure students over weekends and breaks. Additional food is provided for families in dire need. Students are selected from all ages and campuses based on counselor recommendations and parent acknowledgement.

Project by: Midway ISD



May 17, 11:51am


Kristin Limbers

May 06, 5:20pm



Thank you for all that you do to help families in need.

Christina Taylor

May 03, 10:13am


Payson told me I need to :) - SouthBosque!

Christopher Hanchard

May 03, 10:11am



Thank you for everything that you do for my family and the over families in need. It’s a wonderful blessing to have these programs helping these children.


Apr 20, 11:17am



Fun raiser for my granddaughter Iat Woodward Gate Intermediate

Daelynn Copeland

Apr 19, 4:08am


I’m giving to ensure that all children have access to food.

Linda Hrnjak

Apr 19, 3:51am


Everyone needs help sometime

Linda Hrnjak

Apr 18, 7:25pm


We always share when we can to make sure others have enough food to eat.

Cara Neathery

Apr 16, 9:11am



Apr 16, 5:17am


Hail Satan!



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