Kids Can Compost
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Grade: Third

Teacher Name: Teri Keith 

Purpose and Rationale: I became intrigued with school composting during a recent visit to the Coppell Farmer's Market.  It was there I learned about Carpool Composting and how easy it can be to teach young children this important practice.  Composting aligns with two goals of our Lakeside Campus Improvement Plan - Goal #2: Authentic Contributions:  We as CISD will demonstrate personal responsibility and integrity by using our unique passions, gifts, and talents as productive members of the global community. Goal 3:  Well-being and Mindfulness:  We as CISD will learn, engage, and work in a safe, inclusive and responsive environment.

It also aligns with multiple 3rd grade Science and Math TEKS.

If this money is awarded to Lakeside, our primary goal will be to give children a daily, hands-on experience about the ease, important and environmental benefits of composting.  A secondary goal will be to create ways in which this practice could extend to each child's home life. 

Strategy: After the trip to Coppell Farmer's Market, I immediately met with Helen Duran from the CISD Nutrition Department to obtain information on the feasibility of composting in our cafeterias.  She enthusiastically shared that five CISD campuses are already composting with students doing most of the work.  Because of our learners' young age,  additional resources are needed to get compostable materials from our cafeteria to the compost pile.  This is where Carpool Compost comes in.  They pick up weekly and deliver the materials to local farms and community gardens.  Lakeside's plan would include (1) kitchen workers composting food scraps in a 65-gallon tub and (2) third graders composting in a 5-gallon tub after their lunch each day.  The children's food must be separated from the nutrition workers prep food because, once it is touched without gloves, it becomes "contaminated".  We will start educating 3rd graders this year (84 students) with the goal of expanding to all grade levels after this pilot program is run and deemed successful. We will meet with PTO officers to try and obtain their partnership with the hopes of using parent resources in the future to get food waste to compost sites.    

External Resources: Carpool Compost is the main external partner.  Our school partners will be the Nutrition Department, led by Helen Duran, and staff at other campuses where similar programs are underway.  As previously mentioned, we would reach out to our wonderful PTO that has historically been extremely supportive of Lakeside initiatives. 

Evaluation Summary: We will collect, graph and share the data each week with Lakeside third graders, the Student Council, Lakeside school administrators, Helen Duran and and include in our parent newsletters.  Social media will be used to spread the news in the community.  Data (weight of each weekly pickup)  will be added to a student created graph displayed in our cafeteria.  This initative aligns with a variety of state standards, including Science TEKS 3.2B, 3.2C, 3.3A and Math TEKS 3.1A, 3.1B, 3.8A, and 3.8B

Estimated Completion Date:  May 19, 2023

Items you plan to purchase with grant money: Carpool Compost will provide one 65-gallon tub which will be used by Nutrition staff to collect uncontaminated kitchen materials.  Carpool Compost will also provide a 5-gallon bucket for the students who will sort their compostables into this container.  Both tubs will be picked up weekly by Carpool Compost staff or volunteers.

The minimum amount I need to get started on this grant is $1,656.   

Finally -- Helen Duran has read and approved this grant request because it will require the participation of CISD Nutrition Staff at Lakeside.

For more information on Carpool Compost - click here.

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