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Grade: mainly 10th & 12th learners at New Tech High @ Coppell

Teacher Name: Haley Arroyo

Purpose and Rationale: Learning happens all the time at New Tech and in many different ways and our chemistry classroom is no exception. However, we want to improve on having access to "learn on the move" for our kinesthetic learners. A science perspective on the "Building Thinking Classrooms" district initative is creating non-permanent surfaces for science learners to visualize chemistry & maximize visible collaborative work - cue the need for work stations that are portable, have erasable surfaces, and get the blood flowing. Learners will also be able to move these work stations into presentation areas around our school for more cross-curricular collaboration opportunities.

Strategy: These work stations will be set up in the science classrooms for their base location, but will be moveable to other areas of the school as needed. Learners will use during lab design, whiteboard argumentation sessions, and project feedback sessions with other learners. For chemistry specifically, learners will use these workstations for developing hands-on stop motion videos representing chemical reactions and also during our "An eARTh Adventure Awaits Project: Synthesis of Paint Pigments" project when we collaborate between the chemistry & english classes. About 150 learners in 10th grade science and in 12th grade AP Chemistry will have daily access to these portable work stations. However, on Flex Fridays, these work stations can be used by all learners at New Tech, around 400 learners.

Evaluation Summary: I will record when learners choose to use the portable work stations over the lab stations in the classroom. On Flex Fridays, I will record when the portable work stations are used for collaborative work outside of the classroom.

Estimated Completion Date: May 30, 2023. However, the portable work stations will be used immediately in the classroom and on Flex Fridays. The items funded through this grant will be used for many years beyond the 2022-2023 school year.

Items you plan to purchase with grant money: 7 electric sit/stand surfaces, 2 riding surfaces, 9 balance boards

The minimum amount I need to get started on this grant is [$2919.64].

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