LEGO Wall for Dryden Art Program

We are raising money to build our LEGO wall!


Donation Amount


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Thank you tweet from me!


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Thank you e-mail from our class to you!


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One Package of LEGOS!

You will get a personal letter from one of our students thanking you for your support!


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Two Packages of LEGOS

We will send you a picture of one of our completed plates that you helped make possible as well as a thank you letter from our class!


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Three Packages of LEGOS

In return for your generousity, our art students will send you a video showing you all of the great things we created with your help!


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Over half of our LEGOS!

WOW- you helped us get over half of the LEGOS we need! In return, we will send a thank you e-mail from our class as well as personalized video from our students and myself!