Let Us Never Forget- A Legacy of Remembrance
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Many of us can remember the lasting impression we had by reading The Diary of Anne Frank and how powerful that novel was to us? Why should we continue to learn this historical knowledge, while also meeting today's learner's expectations of engagement? We could answer that it is simply out of a duty to remember. However, teaching about sensitive subjects, when grounded in facts and in-depth analysis, can allow us to go well beyond simply remembering by cultivating students’ critical thinking skills. Having the right tools and resources at hand before you begin is essential to our core value of great teaching.

I am asking for a class set (30) of graphic novels from the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum, called The 10 Stages of Genocide. 

We must avoid seeing the Holocaust as a single event but rather as several individual and combined elements which led to the genocide. When teaching the Social Studies state standards on genocide and state mandates for Holocaust Remebrance Week, it is vital to have genre for learners that have collective engagement and is written at their level by experts in the field. The power of graphic novels transforms a static black and white version of information into one that speaks to today's learners. 

Furthermore, these pictorial representations of history reach the differentiation that many of our varied demographics of classrooms have a necessity for. Collectively, these sample graphic novels, combined with the immersive touring of the antiquity of the decimation will provide a more comprehensive cognitive awareness for today’s youth.

Genocide, ethnic cleansing, and even terrorist acts are sensitive subjects which may trigger strong emotions and reactions. Once these novels are received, the enlightenment of the factual past can expand beyond the benchmark of the unforgettable Holocaust and bolster the consciousness of the world’s realm of genocide.

Therefore, it is critical to have a solid understanding of historical facts in order to avoid subjectivity. Providing for these graphic novels will make that possible. The core value of authentic relationships blossomed two years ago for my learners via the pivotal program through the district Upstander partnership with the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum. I aspire to further develop and enhance this esteemed partnership by growing my learner’s critical knowledge of those critical events in history. By doing so, they will be gifted the ability to become global citizens and positively impact our world. 

We humbly request for $805 to fully sponsor the class set of graphic novels that will spawn a new age of impressionism of the present learners of New Tech High School and all those that grace the doors of World Geography to come. 

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Jennifer R
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Great idea!

Krystyna Isaacs
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In memory of my Great Uncle Israel & Great Aunt Shindle Morchower who perished in the Holocaust

Sherilyn Fox
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