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Grade: 9

Teacher Name: Brenna Conway

Description and purpose of grant: A Makerspace is more than just an educational buzzword- it is a place of creating and learning for students, designed and dedicated to creativity and creation. In a Makerspace, students are able to learn in a hands-on capacity, learning life skills such as sewing, problem solving, and collaboration. This grant would provide the CHS9 Library with the funds necessary to stock the Makerspace with the materials needed to empower students to create. The objective of this grant is to provide a place for students to take a break and have a creative outlet. A Makerspace will help CHS9's students, now and in the future, grow as learners and as people. They will discover new skills, new passions, and new friends in the CHS9 Library Makerspace. 

Implementation process: This program will be implemented in the library. All CHS9 students will have the opportunity to enjoy the Makerspace, before school as well as during Hour Block Lunch. Students will be able to create freely or participate in rotating featured activities, planned by the librarian. Many of the items purchased, such as the craft supplies will be available year round. Other items will be available on a rotating basis. This grant will provide tools and supplies that can be enjoyed by learners for years to come. 

Items you plan to purchase with grant money:

Craft supplies, total: $700 (rounded)

  • Watercolor paint, brushes, and paper - $43.27
  • Crocheting and knitting supplies- $28.18
  • Sewing and embroidery supplies- $47.69
  • Button making supplies- $128.99
  • Bracelet making supplies- $19.97
  • Recycled paper beads kit- $12.99
  • Perler bead kit- $39.31
  • Polaroid camera and film- $119.95
  • Rainbow scratch art kit- $6.39
  • Rainbow loom kit- $11.99
  • Miscellaneous craft/art supplies- $240.50

Engineering items, total: $191 (rounded)

  • KEVA planks- $52.95
  • Marble run kit- $34.99
  • 3D printing pen and filament- $37.98
  • Snap circuits- $46.99
  • Tool set- $17.99

Logistics, total: $435 (rounded)

  • Silicone mat- $12.95
  • Charging tower- $329.99
  • Surge protector- $13.99
  • Colored pencil sharpener- $13.99
  • Plastic storage boxes- $23.25
  • Bead organizer- $14.99
  • Label maker- $24.99


In the event my grant is not fully funded, this is minimum amount I would need to get started on this project: $500



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Bradley Allen

Love this idea and appreciate the thought behind getting our kids into the library. Very creative!

229 days ago
Betsabeth M

Happy crafting!

229 days ago

Let's get past the start line! Good luck!

232 days ago
233 days ago
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