McAllister Elementary School PTSO Crowdfunding Campaign

Please donate to McAllister Elementary Schools Crowdfund Campaign and help the school fund important projects for our children! 

Project by: McAllister Elementary PTSO


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Giving Option 1

Here is the money that I would spend on cookie dough, wrapping paper, cheesecake and candles. I'm on a diet!


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Giving Option 2

I do not walk, swim or run in any activity with the word "thon" in it. Please save me, and take my donation!


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Giving Option 3

Thank you for not sending home any plastic toys that will end up in the trash can anyway. It's worth $100 for my children to not fight over them!


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Giving Option 4

I am gladly making this donation to express my appreciation for our school and having nothing to buy, sell or do except complete this form!