Movin' and Groovin' With Drums Alive!

Help our school get moving and grooving with Drums Alive equipment that will serve every student in our school from grades Kindergarten all the way through 5th grade!

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Grade: Kindergraten-5th Grade

Teacher Name: Carrie Brown (music), 

Purpose and Rationale:

We would like to use the Drums Alive program in our "Move and Groove" lessons on Fridays throughout the school year. Move and Groove is a time when Music, P.E. and Art come together in the gym to offer our learners opportunities to learn in a non-conventional setting. During Move and Groove Fridays, we see every student in the school, grouped by grade level, which means we will see anywhere from 60-90 students at a time! 

In researching ways to make this time more meaningful for our learners, we came across the Drums Alive program.  Drums Alive offers lessons and video examples that are linked with learning outcomes and help to engage our learners in other disciplines like music, language, arts, and math.  Getting our learners’ entire body and mind working in unison will help them to focus, become fully engaged, and increase their performance in all subjects.

Research shows that students who are physically active have better concentration, attention span, and are better prepared to learn. It also helps build confidence, leadership and creativity.  Drumming, just like aerobic exercise, also increases heart rate and blood flow while simultaneously engaging both the right and left sides of the brain. This provides essential brain fitness components such as: fine motor skills, coordination, reflex skills, cross lateral movement, bilateral movement, spatial awareness, eye hand coordination, unilateral movement and cognitive association.

Every grade level has either a health, music, or physical education Texas Knowledge and Skill (TEKS) that fit within this program.  Whether it is participating in a moderate to vigorous physical activity, creating, imitating and designing movements to selected rhythms, mirroring a partner or performing rhythm sequences and patterns, Drums Alive has it all.


DrumFit is an innovative kinesthetic program that truly engages everyone! There is no learning curve, everyone can drum.  This non-competitive program will appeal to all learners regardless of their ability. All learners on our campus, approx. 500 Kindergarten - 5th graders, will have the opportunity to drum using this program. We will begin implementing this program immediately during our Move and Groove lessons.

Learners will learn the basic moves and patterns in the beginning.  This will be a wonderful opportunity to talk about how math concepts are used in real world activities, such as counting beats, finding patterns in a routine, and remembering a sequence. When a solid foundation is established, learners will move on to learning more complex routines that will include more dance elements as well as learning directional terms such as right, left, forward, backwards, north and south.

Evaluation Summary: Once we have fully implemented Drums Alive activities in our school, we will be able to share our students’ performances and creations with the Education Foundation Board through tweets on our school's and teachers' Twitter feed.  We will also share performances and video/picture footage with parents and other stakeholders in our district community. 

Estimated Completion Date: January 31, 2023

Items you plan to purchase with grant money: 

-Drums Alive Drum Set 65 cm (Need 75 sets) 

-PVC Stability Ball Storage Racks (Need 6)

The minimum amount I need to get started on this grant is $6,435

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