Mr. Stroud's Shakespeare Love

With more and more students entering Sophomore and Senior AP English not comfortable with reading Shakespearean plays, I would like to buy some classroom sets of excellent Shakespearean tragedies and comedies to help students fall in love with a timeless playwright. Also, the new textbooks adopted did not have full text of Shakespearean plays. 

Project by: Benjamin Stroud


Brad Hunt

Oct 30, 5:40am

Jennifer Bunting

Oct 29, 8:16am

To support student programs


Oct 16, 9:36am

How far that little candle throws its beams. So shines a good deed in a naughty world And with apologies It is a wise (grand) father that knows his own (grand) child

Caitlin Eberhardt

Oct 15, 2:40pm

Emily Kendrick

Oct 15, 2:01pm

CHS graduate, class of ‘98! Shakespeare lover! And, aunt of one of your students.

Stacey Dowdy

Oct 13, 9:02am

My sophomore follows a long family history of not being a Shakespeare fan (full disclosure) so if this can help I'm all for it!

Claire Ebert

Oct 08, 7:06am

We enjoy supporting our wonderful teachers and students at CHS.

Jennings Rauschenbach

Oct 06, 6:02pm

Because I love teachers who go above and beyond and put their time and effort into projects for the kids!


Oct 06, 3:55pm

My son studied under Mr. Stroud last year and I saw his writing style improve so much. He was challenged and pushed out of his comfort zone to genuinely learn and grow. Thank you Mr. Sroud.

Leigh & Ray Walker

Oct 06, 12:44pm

Thank you for teaching our child, Mr. Stroud! Henry IV is one of our favorites. ❤️



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Julius Caesar

I would like to get a classroom set of Julius Caesar


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Much Ado About Nothing

I would like to get ten copies of Much Ado About Nothing.


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The Comedy of Errors

I would like to get ten copies of The Comedy of Errors.


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Henry IV Part I & II

I would like to get ten copies of Henry IV, Part I & II