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In order to efficiently run case studies in Anatomy and Physiology, we need diagnostic medical supplies, white boards, and a lot of teamwork. As students are diving into patient care, they are often given simulated case studies to test their knowledge of content, while applying what they have learned to real life situations. Having a tabletop whiteboard for each group along with some updated medical training devices, students will jump into the role of Dr. House, brainstorming the cause of their patients symptoms.  Using updated technology will help them prepare for careers in the health care field.  

This grant will benefit any student taking Anatomy and Physiology for many years in the future and can also be shared with other 4th year science electives as needed. 



Grade: 10-12

Teacher Name: Jodie Deinhammer

Description and purpose of grant: This grant is requesting medical technology simulators and large whiteboards to allows Anatomy and Physiology students to take on the role of medical residents in training and try to diagnose patients.  With each unit of study in Anatomy, we learn structures, functions, and health and to wrap up each unit, we want to implement case study analysis, simliar to the old TV series, Dr. House.  Students would be given a patient file and a whiteboard along with medical simulators to try to determine the patients diagnosis.  The class would then present their findings and predictions to other groups to encourage teamwork and collaboration.  This supports the CISD Core Value of redefining success, as it will give students confidence in working in the many areas of health care in their future.

Implementation process: This project would be simple implemented by ordering the supplies and then setting up the simulations.  Students in all sections of Anatomy would benefit from this, around 300 students, and these materials could be used year after year.  Teachers of other sciences could also borrow our supplies as necessary for use in their own classrooms.

Items you plan to purchase with grant money

8 Suture Kits at $28.45ea = $227.6
8 Pulse Ox Sensors at $22.15ea = $177.2
4 Vision Testing Penlights at $15.97ea = $63.88
14 Expo Pens at $6.88ea = $96.32
14 Whiteboards at $31.79ea =  $445.06
8 Digital Otoscope at $39.99ea = $319.92
8 Heart Rate Sensors at $119ea = $952
6 Sound Sensors at $109ea = $654

Total - $2935.98

In the event my grant is not fully funded, this is minimum amount I would need to get started on this project:$1500 would allow us to purchase enough for one classroom set and students could participate as a demo as opposed to one per group.



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