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Grade: 7th & 8th Grade

Teacher Name: Anthony Graham and Karina Hernandez

Description and purpose of grant: This grant will help restore our school's DSLR camera collection, which are used on a daily basis by two teachers who teach the following classes: yearbook, media, and broadcasting. Originally, these cameras were used by only one teacher, but now they are split between two teachers (due to the student demand for additional sections of Media). Specifically, the grant will fund the following:

  • the replacement of 1 broken Canon Rebel T7 camera kit (body and lens)
  • the upgrade of 4 older-model Canon Rebels to T7 so that camera directions, functionality, and performance are the same for all students. Older models will be retained as spares. 
  • the replacement of 32 missing lens caps/upgrade to attached lens cap to prevent future loss
  • the replacement of 8 non-functional Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II SLR lenses
  • the purchase of 60 microfiber cloths so each camera/lens combination can be properly cleaned by the students using them
  • the purchase of 16 Canon LP-E10 batteries (for Canon Rebel T7 cameras) so batteries can be rotated/charged for use in back-to-back-to-back classes (average battery life of existing batteries is less than 2 class periods)
  • the replacement of 10 missing viewfinder eyecups
  • the replacement of 1 missing LP-E12 battery
  • the replacement of (and purchase of additional) 10 USB-C SD card readers
  • the purchase of 3 AC battery adapters to power cameras for Broadcasting and any projects in other classes that require longer videos

Implementation process: This grant will restore our campus' existing set of 32 DSLR cameras, which are split between two teachers, both of whom teach a total of 6 Media courses, and one of whom also teaches 1 Yearbook and 1 Broadcasting course. Both teachers are also new to the school this year. In all of the aforementioned courses, students learn how to properly handle the cameras and lenses, as well as how to properly clean the lens. Yearbook students will use the cameras every day, as they capture daily events around the school. Media students will complete a unit on photography, as well as a unit on videography. In addition to these units, which will require daily camera use, students will also use the cameras for other Media projects throughout the year, as students will need content to edit in Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and other photo and video editing software. The number of students impacted by this grant will be between 150-200 students per year, and this grant will continue supporting students in future years. Both teachers have committed to ensuring students handle the cameras properly and with care, and we have students assigned to specific cameras (and associated equipment/accessories) to help improve accountability and eliminate or significantly reduce the amount of breakage.   

Items you plan to purchase with grant money

Total: $3,359.47

In the event my grant is not fully funded, this is minimum amount I would need to get started on this project: $2867.00

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Chris S

Thank you for all you're doing for our kids!! Blessings!!

202 days ago
202 days ago
Betsabeth M

Wonderful project!

202 days ago
Mazhar A.
204 days ago

Hope you get the funding needed

205 days ago
Sarah Jimenez
205 days ago
Jennifer Rogerson
217 days ago
Caridad Dominguez

Thank you for all you do!

218 days ago
Powell Kinney
218 days ago
218 days ago
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