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Grades: 9-12

Teacher Name: Zachary Morrison-Ruiz

Purpose and Rationale:

Being an "Influencer." Isn't that what every teen wants to do these days? While that may be the dream, most learners don't understand the behind-the-scenes work that goes into producing content for social media. It's tough work and requires a lot of specialized equipment that we don't see through the lens of the camera. This grant would provide an opportunity to learners to explore what goes into the actual work an influencer has to do.

A CISD Ed Foundation grant for photo booth equipment will serve multiple purposes on this campus, but the main purpose is to give learners a hands-on look at the tools social media marketers use to produce content for brands. Learners would learn how to set up the photo booth and then use it to create content at the same level that professional public relations specialists and social media influencers do. We will also talk about safety when setting up camera rigs.

Mr. Ruiz will guide the learners in his course through small group instruction where learners will work in teams to create promotional videos using the equipment. The goal of these videos will be to engage the larger school community by showing what the learners have learned. They will be asked to focus on a specific project they have completed in a core class at NTH@C. We will also include the NTH@C logo in the photo booth platform and talk about the importance of branding. The hands-on nature of this approach connect to the value CISD places on great teaching and deep learning.

A secondary use, if the foundation desires, is to use this photo booth as a social media marketing tool to promote the other educational pursuits the foundation supports at New Tech. Everyone likes to share what they do on social media these days, and photo booths at events have proven to be impactful tools in brand promotion. 

By having the booth set up at events like Amazon Scout, Shakespeare in the Park, the poetry slam, fall festival, spring festivals, dances, and other events that are hosted at New Tech, we could give the community a chance to share their experiences on social media. The booth can be set up to automatically Tweet as people take their photos with mentions of how the Ed Foundation makes these events possible for the school. This secondary approach will exemplify our commitment to community engagement that impacts the learners and the world around them. NTH@C learners are master event planners, the real-world projects they produce in their classes end in community events attended by hundreds. 

Strategy: Learners will use the photo booth to explore the concepts of time-lapse photography and video recording and how influencers use these tools for marketing themselves and brands in their Principles of Audio Visual Arts course, a course that all learners who attend New Tech are required to take for graduation. They will then apply those skills learned when working to promote school-wide events as part of projects in their other courses and extracurricular activities.

External Resources: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok as approved by the foundation or Principal Smith in coordination with official CISD social media accounts.

Evaluation Summary: Success will be measured by monitoring engagement with students' school Twitter accounts, and the various social media accounts run by student organizations.

Estimated Completion Date: April 2023

Items you plan to purchase with grant money:

The minimum amount I need to get started on this grant is $2,500.00


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Zachary Binx What a great thing you are doing for your kids! I'm happy to support you!

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