Send our thespians to the Texas Thespian Festival

Some of our thespians (theatre students) will be attending the State Thespian Festival at the Gaylord in November.  We need your help.  Send a thespian to the Thespian Festival.

Project by: Midway High School Thespian Troupe 4770


William Lee Brown (paid by James Berger)

Sep 27, 6:41am



Edward Brown (paid by Carolyn Berger)

Sep 27, 6:35am



Emma Hunter (paid by Kristi Hunter)

Sep 29, 8:46am



Balance due. In all honesty there should have been due dates and this should have been discussed before the end of the school year last year. $400 is a lot to have to come up with in 6 weeks and had there been a lengthier amount of time to come up with the money, I am sure more students would be able to go.

cole kuczmarski (paid by Nancy Denny)

Sep 29, 7:47am


Bernard Shaw

Cole Kuczmarski (paid by Alana Walker)

Sep 26, 3:17pm


Bernard Shaw

Allie North (paid by Sarah and Brent Bergen)

Sep 22, 6:19pm


Bernard Shaw

Lee and Ed Brown (paid by Marilee Kahler)

Sep 22, 8:05am



Have fun!

Lee Brown Ed Brown (paid by Kae Keith)

Sep 21, 8:27am



Caryn Brown Asked me to.

Ed Brown (paid by Neil Brown)

Sep 20, 7:03pm



Lee Brown (paid by Marci Brown)

Sep 20, 7:02pm





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Oscar Wilde


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Neil Simon