Shakespeare in the Perk
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Grade: 9-12

Teacher Name: Beatty


Purpose and Rationale: Every year, our English department collaborates to ensure that our students are supported all four years they attend our school through vertical alignment strategies and cross-grade level projects. Last year, we held our first annual Shakespeare in the Perk community event. At this event, students from all four grade levels showcased projects they had been working on in their individual English classes for the previous several weeks. The event was open and advertised to the whole community to come grab some free coffee and learn all about Shakespeare through the lenses of our many students. This year we plan to hold the event again and are hoping that we can grow the event and projects involved by providing more materials to our students and campus in order to make this event more of a success. 


Strategy: We plan to incorporate the materials purchased from this grant into each English classroom in the hopes that students can think even bigger than last year. We also hope that in purchasing some school wide fundraising materials, what we offer the community can be better organized and utilized during the event. Part of our event last year was to have students monitor, organize, and provide free beverages to our community as they enjoyed the many different projects being displayed, including an outdoor movie that our seniors wrote, directed, filmed, and edited with our FUZE (Film) department. Having access to more materials will allow for not only our students' products to be more successful, but for the event as a whole to be more successful. 


External Resources: As a culminating task for students, we invited several community members to come and evaluate the students projects and products. The project and event incorporates the entire English Departments as well as our FUZE department. Last year we also had students, parents, and community members donate materials such as coffee, cups, creamer, etc as part of the Cafe aspect of our Shakespeare in the Perk theme. 


Evaluation Summary: Though we felt our projects and events were successful last year, due to the limited space and materials we have on campus, community members struggle to navigate all that our event had to offer. Students also struggled to create products that are up to our usual standard due to lack of art material, the appropriate amount of books, and other materials offered on campus. With the aid of this grant, we are hoping that our students' project products will be at a higher caliber, the products we offer to the community will be better organized and the event as a whole will run more smoothly. 


Estimated Completion Date: Shakespeare in the Perk will be held on April 3rd of next year. Though the event will not take place until April, the projects in our English classes will be launched in January and February of the new year in order to give students ample time to build and create their products. 


Items you plan to purchase with grant money: Attached you will find a list of the varying items we will need in order to make our project and event a success. 


The minimum amount I need to get started on this grant is [$2,700 ]

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