Social Emotional Learning
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Grade: 9-12

Teacher Name: Andrea Voelker

Purpose and Rationale:

  • We strongly believe that responsive and positive relationships are the foundation for learning. Therefore, playing games in class will help foster better relationships between learners and teachers, but most importantly, between learners themselves. Additionally, playing games will lead to more collaborative opportunities as well as strengthening interpersonal communication amongst peers of different backgrounds. 

  • Teaching social and emotional skills by using playful methods can help learners to efficiently use words and actions to reduce challenging behaviors. With high academic expectations comes a high level of stress. Providing time with games using the target language creates a safe and welcoming environment for learners so that they can communicate their needs effectively with teachers.

  • Strategy: Implement on every C day

External Resources: None

Evaluation Summary:

  • Success will be measured by higher classroom engagement, positive behaviors, and open-mindedness allowing learners to become productive global citizens.

Estimated Completion Date: 12/16/22 

Items you plan to purchase with grant money: Links with the materials we ask for.


The minimum amount I need to get started on this grant is [$ 900 ]


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