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Grade: 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade

Teacher Name: Garrett Barley, Caymen Keen, Jessica Kindberg, Jamie Graves, and Marina Huselton

Description and purpose of grant

A Spark One Poster Maker, in simple terms, is a device or software that helps create posters or visual materials for educational purposes. It's designed to make it easy for teachers and students to produce visually engaging posters with text, images, and graphics.

Here's how a Spark One Poster Maker could benefit a middle school classroom:

1. **Enhanced Learning Materials:** It allows teachers to create colorful and informative posters that can make learning more engaging and enjoyable for students. Visual aids like posters can help clarify complex concepts, illustrate historical events, or reinforce important information.

2. **Student Engagement:** Involving students in the poster-making process can be an interactive learning activity. Students can collaborate, research, and creatively design their own posters, which can promote teamwork, critical thinking, and creativity.

3. **Customization:** The Spark One Poster Maker typically offers templates and design tools, making it user-friendly. Teachers can tailor posters to fit specific lesson plans or themes, and students can add personal touches to their projects.

4. **Visual Communication Skills:** It encourages students to develop their visual communication skills, which are valuable in today's multimedia-rich world. They can learn about design principles, effective use of imagery, and how to convey information visually.

In terms of correlating with campus/district goals:

1. **Improved Education Quality:** The use of visual aids can enhance the quality of education by making learning more accessible and engaging. This aligns with the goal of improving the overall educational experience for students.

2. **21st-Century Skills:** Poster-making fosters skills like creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration, which are considered essential 21st-century skills. This aligns with the goal of preparing students for the future.

3. **Interactive Learning:** By involving students in the creation of posters, the Spark One Poster Maker promotes active and interactive learning. This aligns with the goal of creating more participatory and student-centered classrooms.

4. **Alignment with Curriculum:** Teachers can use the Spark One Poster Maker to align their teaching materials with curriculum standards and objectives, ensuring that lessons are relevant and meet educational goals.

In summary, a Spark One Poster Maker simplifies the process of creating educational posters, benefiting middle school classrooms by enhancing learning, engaging students, and aligning with broader campus/district goals for quality education and 21st-century skill development.

Implementation process

Implementing a Spark One Poster Maker in a middle school classroom involves several steps. Here's a general guide to help you get started:


1. **Training:**
   - Ensure that you and your fellow teachers are familiar with how to use the Spark One Poster Maker.
   - Look for training resources provided by the manufacturer or attend workshops if available.

2. **Integration with Curriculum:**
   - Identify how the Spark One Poster Maker can be integrated into your curriculum.
   - Determine which subjects and topics would benefit most from the use of posters.

3. **Lesson Planning:**
   - Develop lesson plans that incorporate the creation of posters using the Spark One Poster Maker.
   - Define specific learning objectives and outcomes for these lessons.

4. **Student Orientation:**
   - Introduce the Spark One Poster Maker to your students.
   - Explain its purpose, how it will be used in class, and any guidelines or expectations for poster projects.

5. **Resource Gathering:**
   - Collect the necessary materials for poster-making, such as images, text, and graphics.
   - Ensure that the Spark One Poster Maker is set up and ready for use.

6. **Project Implementation:**
   - Begin using the Spark One Poster Maker as part of your lessons.
   - Monitor students' progress and provide guidance and support as needed.

7. **Assessment:**
   - Assess the effectiveness of using the Spark One Poster Maker in your classroom.
   - Evaluate whether it is helping students achieve the desired learning outcomes.

8. **Feedback and Adaptation:**
    - Gather feedback from both students and fellow teachers regarding the use of the Spark One Poster Maker.
    - Make adjustments and improvements based on this feedback.

9. **Maintenance and Support:**
    - Regularly maintain and update the Spark One Poster Maker software or hardware as needed.
    - Address any technical issues promptly to minimize disruptions.

10. **Sharing and Showcasing:**
    - Encourage students to share their posters with the class or school community.
    - Consider organizing poster showcases or exhibitions to celebrate student work.

11. **Continuous Professional Development:**
    - Stay updated on new features or updates to the Spark One Poster Maker.
    - Continue to explore ways to enhance its integration into your teaching practices.

13. **Evaluation and Reporting:**
    - Periodically assess the overall impact of the Spark One Poster Maker on student learning.
    - Prepare reports or presentations to demonstrate its effectiveness to school administrators and stakeholders.

Remember that successful implementation of any educational technology, like the Spark One Poster Maker, requires careful planning, ongoing support, and a commitment to using it effectively in the classroom to benefit both teachers and students.

Certainly, here are specific activities with the number of students impacted or participating for the implementation of a Spark One Poster Maker in a middle school classroom:

1. **Introduction Workshop (All Students):**
   - Activity: Introduction to the Spark One Poster Maker.
   - Number of Students: All students in the class.
   - Description: Hold a workshop to introduce all students to the Spark One Poster Maker. Explain its purpose, demonstrate basic functions, and discuss its potential benefits for their learning.

2. **Poster Creation (Individual or Small Groups):**
   - Activity: Students create individual or small group posters.
   - Number of Students: Varies based on class size, typically 20-30.
   - Description: Assign specific topics or projects that require students to use the Spark One Poster Maker to create informative posters. Provide guidance and support as needed.

3. **Poster Presentation (All Students):**
   - Activity: Students present their posters to the class.
   - Number of Students: All students in the class.
   - Description: Each student or group presents their posters, explaining the content and design choices. This activity promotes public speaking skills and allows all students to benefit from their peers' work.

4. **Peer Review (All Students):**
   - Activity: Peer review of posters.
   - Number of Students: All students in the class.
   - Description: Have students provide constructive feedback on each other's posters. This encourages critical thinking and improves the quality of their work.

5. **Poster Exhibition (Entire School):**
   - Activity: School-wide poster exhibition.
   - Number of Students: All middle school students.
   - Description: Organize an event where posters created by your class are displayed for the entire middle school to see. This can be part of a special assembly or open house event.

6. **Guest Speaker Poster (Specific Students):**
   - Activity: Selected students create a poster for a guest speaker event.
   - Number of Students: A small group, typically 3-5 students.
   - Description: Assign a group of students to create a poster to promote an upcoming guest speaker event. This promotes teamwork and organizational skills.

7. **Interdisciplinary Projects (Varies):**
   - Activity: Integration of posters into different subjects.
   - Number of Students: Varies based on specific projects.
   - Description: Incorporate poster-making into various subjects, such as history, science, or literature, to engage students in cross-curricular learning experiences.

8. **Poster Contest (All Students):**
   - Activity: Classroom or school-wide poster contest.
   - Number of Students: All students in the class or potentially the entire school.
   - Description: Organize a poster contest to encourage creativity and healthy competition among students. Prizes can be awarded for the best posters.

9. **Community Outreach (Selected Students):**
   - Activity: Students create posters for community events or initiatives.
   - Number of Students: A selected group, typically 3-5 students.
   - Description: Assign students to design posters for community events, raising awareness about important issues or promoting local initiatives.

10. **End-of-Year Showcase (All Students):**
    - Activity: End-of-year poster showcase.
    - Number of Students: All students in the class.
    - Description: Host a final showcase where all students display the posters they've created throughout the year. Invite parents, teachers, and school administrators to celebrate student achievements.

Yes, We can use this for all the following years. 


Items you plan to purchase with grant money: Precision SPARK One-Touch Full Color Poster & Banner Printer

SPARK One-Touch Scanning Technology

SPARK One-Touch Printer Stand

SPARK One-Touch Scanner Unit

Starter Set of Printer Inks

Roll of Heavyweight Paper

Color SSPK

In the event my grant is not fully funded, this is minimum amount I would need to get started on this project: Fully Funded



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