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Grade: STEAM K-5

Teacher Name: Mrs. Shaner

Description and purpose of grant:

I am asking for the Rigamajig Basic Builder Kit, which is a large-scale, loose parts building and engineering kit. It contains 260 parts. This kit will help learners bring their prototype designs to life on a larger-scale. This item correlates with district goals of STEAM implementation and science being a major focus of the curriculum. 

Implementation process:

This item can and will be used in K-5.

With Rigamajig, I plan to provide learners with various engineering design challenges that will inspire kids to utilize Rigamajig. The website offers 20+ research-based Project Plans for various grade bands like K-2 and 3-5. I can also assign projects based on level, such as beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

How will the STEAM materials benefit learners?

Our district-wide STEAM goals are for each learner to be able to successfully go through the design process by the end of the year, in a grade-appropriate way. I would like to present learners with various design challenges so that they can utilize their engineering skills to collaboratively and creatively use the Rigamajig tools to create prototypes for their designs. Learners will be able to see their imagination and innovations come to life in a BIG way with the large-scale building kit.

Item you plan to purchase with grant money: 

Item Cost
Rigamajig Basic Builder Kit (cost includes shipping to the school) $4,193.55

In the event my grant is not fully funded, this is minimum amount I would need to get started on this project: 



Check out my short video to learn more about the grant.

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Go Lee!

225 days ago
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Michelle Chou

Mrs. Shaner, Thank you very much for incorporating fun and educational STEAM projects into the curriculum.

231 days ago
Vinoth kumar
232 days ago
Subhalakshmi Kadiyala
232 days ago
Rathnakar Reddy
236 days ago

Mahanth Sabarinathan

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Konko Mukherjee

Kinjal Muk

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Komali N
237 days ago
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