Turn It Up To 11!
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Grade: 9-12

Teacher: Sam Uglow

Purpose and Rationale:

Ever wondered what it takes to build a guitar amp?  At the end of last year a large group of students asked that question.  And not just your rock-n-rollers; engineering and electronics types were curious too.  With that much raw enthusiasm, we gotta try turning it up to 11!

Bang for buck, amplifiers offer some of the coolest electronics experiences without needing an electrical engineer to hold your hand.  A CISD Ed Foundation grant will go towards amp kits, reference materials, and tools necessary to adequately build and test their creations.  The hope is this will drive students to dig deeper in their interest and hone in where they want to go in life.  Musicians may start tweaking and customizing their gear to get new sounds.  Engineers may dive deeper into why the electronics function in this manner, and how they can develop cleaner signals. 

Long term, we’d love to develop a place where students can design and prototype amps and effects pedals from scratch.  For many this could be an introduction to a world of possibilities.

Strategy: We will use these kits and a few outside amplifier experts to build and explore how amplifiers work.  What makes them do what they do?  

Evaluation Summary: This is not something we can put a grade to.  Success will be measured in the successful creation of amps, growth in student knowledge of electronics, and increased enthusiasm. 

External Resources: We have 2 mentors who build and repair amplifiers excited to share their expertise.

Estimated Completion Date: April 2023

Items you plan to purchase with grant money: Amp WishList 

The minimum amount I need to get started on this grant is [$1714]

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