Woodgate Intermediate School's Water for South Sudan Fundraiser

Help us to raise money to provide water for South Sudan. 

Project by: Jennifer Wyble


Patricia Phillips

Nov 19, 6:27am


It's a wonderful project and my grandson Phillip Morgan is a student at the school.

Jennifer Wyble

Nov 19, 6:15am



Mrs. Wyble’s Mom loves the novel and wants to support Water for South Sudan and Mrs. Wyble’s kids. Go Blue Block!

Kelly Morgan

Nov 18, 8:42pm


This year has been a dumpster fire wrapped in an F5 tornado, wrapped in a burning orphanage of puppies,babies,and kittens. We need some good to make of this disastrous year.

Deborah Michals

Nov 18, 1:23pm


I gave to support empathy among young people, and a world view of humanity.

Melissa Litton

Nov 18, 8:23am


Mrs. Roach's class - green block.

Eric Ames

Nov 16, 5:03pm



Nov 15, 5:51pm


For Red Block


Nov 11, 6:37am



Nov 05, 6:10am


Mrs. Wyble’s Class



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