Contact Management

One place to securely store all of your contacts.

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One place to store all of your contacts

Tired of keeping track of business cards, excel documents and written notes? Edbacker's premium member and contact directory lets you store and sort your contacts with ease.

  • Easily import all of your existing contacts into Edbacker
  • Access your contacts from anywhere on any device
  • Export your list to Excel
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Organize your Contacts

Make segmenting and organizing your contacts and members a breeze. Edbacker has pre-built categories to add your contacts to.

Our built-in categories include:

  • Members
  • Parents
  • Donors

Contact Management

Knowing all the details of your contacts makes collecting membership dues or targeting contact groups for fundraising easy. All of Edbacker’s components are integrated, so sending out your next email communication is a snap.

  • Automatically know which contacts should receive emailed dues reminders (with a link to your online membership dues page on Edbacker!)
  • Run fundraisers and drawings to share with anyone in your database
  • Track parents and their children based on their grade so you know when they become alumni
  • Let new members sign up online so their information is automatically entered into the database and you don’t have to enter it manually
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