My name is Luis Reséndiz and I am a first grade Dual Language teacher at Ridgetop Elementary. I am raising funds to purchase resources that will support the educational needs of our students. 

I ask for your monetary support as I run 50 miles around my apartment complex in less than 8 hours.

$11,824.00 donated
$9,000.00 goal
Campaign ends on May 19, 2020 Campaign ended on May 19, 2020


50 miles for their smiles is a project that promotes the culture and values of Ridgetop Elementary School, a Dual Language school in Austin.

This campaign will be launched on April 30th (Mexico's Children´s Day) and will finish during Field Day on May 15th, when I will attempt to run 50 miles in less than 8 hours around my apartment complex.

The goal is to collect funds for these wonderful kids to support their educational needs. 

Students will be different next year, and we will need lots of resources to aid their self regulation and whole child learning. I am asking for your support during these critical times to help the most valuable assets of this planet: the kids! 

All of your contribution will go directly to the classrooms. The goal is to equip students with biliteracy resources, flexible seating, classroom supplies and class activities that support the varied facets of their learning needs. 
Sponsors like you make an impact in the lives of children in need and their
communities. Help us give them a brighter future together.
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Vera Muniz

Thank you for bringing awareness to an important issue! Good luck!

It is all about the kids!
1463 days ago
larena reyna

Luis is an inspiration to people everywhere, and I am very happy he will pass his “mamba mentality” to those kids!

1463 days ago
Adriana Prado

Go Luis!!! So proud of you!! Eres un maestro ejemplar

1463 days ago
Victoria Collins-Becker

50 miles is a long, long way to run. 50 circles is harder still. This donation is in honor of every dedicated teacher everywhere, especially Mrs. Gilbert, Mrs. Watkins, Mrs. Wood, Mrs. Gravley, Mr. Cheney and Mrs. Banowsky, my own primary teachers in grades 1-6 (no kindergarten for me).

1463 days ago
Julia Zimmerman
1463 days ago
Laura Carter
It is all about the kids!
1463 days ago
Yael Glazer

We miss our teachers, staff, and classmates. Thank you for putting our children first! <3 Can't wait to see everyone again soon! Sending love and hugs to everyone, Adam (Kinder-Ms. LaFuente's class) and family

1463 days ago
It is all about the kids!
1463 days ago
Leigh Ann Rodriguez

Great to see teachers that care, hopefully he will inspire those 1st graders to see how acts of kindness work

1463 days ago
Mary Lou Rizzo

It made my day to see this dedicated teacher’s day effort to help his students.

It is all about the kids!
1463 days ago
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