Adopt a Budding Blackshear Artist

Help Blackshear Elementary raise $10,000 to sustain our Fine Arts program! 

$2,915.00 donated
$10,000.00 goal
Campaign ends on May 03, 2019 Campaign ended on May 03, 2019
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Blackshear’s mission is to educate, enrich and exercise to excel. Thus, we believe all students deserve a world class education. We believe all students deserve access to the Fine Arts. We believe that all students should feel empowered to participate in their community. In order for us to help us fulfill our mission, please consider donating to our Adopt an Artist Campaign.

Through our community partnerships, Blackshear Elementary Fine Arts Academy provides students with meaningful experiences to engage with art organizations around Austin. Starting in Pre-K, students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of art strands such as dance, orchestra, film, ukulele, and acting. Each year, the cost of this program comes out of both fundraising and our local budget. We anticipate an annual cost of approximately $30,000 a year. However, as the District experiences a decrease in funds, our program does as well. In order to continue to sustain our program, we will need to fundraise $10,000. 

2018 - 2019 Costs:

$18, 978 -- Service Agreements/Provider Fees; Local Budget

$10,641 -- Provider Fees; Enrichment Budget

$1,661.41 -- Ballet tights, shoes, and leotards 

$500 -- Field trips to special programs such as UT Shakespeare, Ballet Austin, and Soundwaves performance 

Total Cost: $31,780.41

Thank you for your support! Please share our campaign to help us meet our goal!

Maxson $485.00
Callison $400.00
Houston $325.00
Park $305.00 #4
Beasley $250.00 #5
M. Perez -- Kindergarten $225.00 #6
Sahli $200.00 #7
McMurtrie $150.00 #8
Hernandez $150.00 #9
Anne $125.00 #10
Jefferson $125.00 #11
Ramirez-Valle $55.00 #12
Benson $50.00 #13
Kirkland $50.00 #14
Gaines $10.00 #15
Boatright $10.00 #16
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irene dooling
1374 days ago
Misty White
1375 days ago
Misty White
1375 days ago
Misty White
1375 days ago
Jessica Wilson

We are excited to have our daughter join the Blackshear community next year.

1376 days ago
Maria Bocanegra
Ballet Shoes
1379 days ago
Jesse Maniccia
1384 days ago
Kay Johnson
Sound/Stage Repairs
1386 days ago
Bus for Field Trip
1386 days ago
1389 days ago
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