Ann Richards Marching Stars 2021

Help send the nation's only all-female competitive marching band to the 95th annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!

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Project by: Austin ISD


Gabriela Vasquez

Sep 10, 1:34pm

Cay Garcia

Sep 09, 5:17pm


Sep 09, 12:16pm

John Kent

Sep 09, 8:52am

Nancy Deemer

Sep 08, 10:55am

To foster the love of music

Karen Latta

Sep 06, 6:57pm

Kristi Heaton

Sep 06, 5:04pm

Thomas Jones

Sep 06, 4:06pm

Donated for friend Mickey Williams’s daughter Chloe. Tom and Mary Jones Melbourne Beach, FL.

Kathy Panak

Sep 06, 3:09pm

To get a few of Gabi Williams' fantastic Ann Richards tote bags!

Linda Williams

Sep 06, 2:16pm

To help Ann Richard's school band



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Send a Star to NYC

This will cover the cost of the trip to New York City for 1 student in need. Thank you!


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Pay for a Member's Fair Share

This will cover the cost of member fair share for 1 student in need. Thank you!


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Feed or Move the Stars!

You are sponsoring the cost of a meal or the cost of transportation for a contest day! Thank you!


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Design for the Stars!

Help us by sponsoring the cost of one of our props for the season! Thank you!