ASFS Science Lab

To upgrade the Arlington Science Focus School Science lab in order to create a state-of-the-art, cutting-edge science and technology teaching facility; and to promote excellence in STEM at the primary education level.

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Arlington Science Focus School (ASFS) is a public elementary school located in Arlington, VA, just a stone's throw from Washington, DC.  The ASFS curriculum is designed to develop an extensive understanding of science content and process through inquiry-based learning. Students embark on exciting adventures each day where science content is used as the catalyst to teach all subject areas by using natural inquiry to develop students' thinking skills for analyzing, reflecting, problem-solving, and hypothesizing.  Students participate in hands-on, activities dealing with ecology, biology, geology, zoology, physics, astronomy, and chemistry that are directly correlated to the Virginia Standards of Learning.

With an exceedingly high demand for young professionals with science and technology backgrounds, this project aims to create the ultimate science classroom environment complete with state-of-the-art technology, eco-friendly building materials, and nature-inspired aesthetics designed to provoke, cultivate, and foster life-long student interest in science.

All contributions will go directly to the renovation and refurbishment of the existing science lab.  New state-of-the-art equipment and materials will help engage young children's interest and love for the sciences.

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Lauren and John Harneshfeger
2920 days ago
Nancy and Mike Sharkey
2923 days ago
Linda Williams

It was a delight and an honor to be the teacher who got to launch Investigation Station years ago, and a thrill now to see it thriving and moving to the next level. Wow! Such lucky students! Keep up the wonderful work!

2930 days ago
Mark and Rebecca Merrill

To support the learning of science at ASFS.

2931 days ago
Lehoma Goode

My niece's school

Thank you for supporting us
2933 days ago
Listi and Alan Sobba
2935 days ago
Soo-Mi & Charles Yi

In support of all of our future ASFS scientists!

2941 days ago
Kymberly Procaccino

In honor and loving memory of our Niece/Cousin/Hero Kedron McDonald Simon Love, Uncle Tony, Aunt Norma, Kymberly, Kevin and his children Dominic, Kendall and Anthony

2942 days ago
Sean Callinicos

Nurturing our children into future leaders in STEM is the best present we can give them. Thank you for all you do for our kids Arlington Science Focus School!

2942 days ago
Chris, Renee & Eleanor Brown
2945 days ago
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