Auxier PTO Give-a-thon 2021!

Annual Fundraiser to support the Auxier PTO which all proceeds raised from the fundraiser go directly to help cover costs of supplies and programs not covered by the school's budget. A portion of each donation will also be given to your student's teacher to use for needed classroom supplies and materials. We hope that you will be able to help us reach our goal.

**Please type the name of your child(ren) in the "ON BEHALF OF" section and then select the name of your child's teacher when prompted. Without student info, we may be unable to credit your student with the appropriate raffle entries.

Thank you!

Entrants are eligible to win more than one prize. All raffle entries will be listed under the student's name that donation is made on behalf of. All students are eligible to participate in raffle including students with family members who are staff or volunteers. Winners of prizes will be published on Friday, September 17 on Auxier PTO facebook page and through an email sent by Auxier. Drawing will be done through through randomizer software with screenshots to serve as verification. We are not responsible raffle entries not credited to a student due to donations that cannot be connected to a student due to missing information not entered by the donor. 

Project by: Auxier Elementary / Katie Dial


Auxier PTO Give-a-thon 2021!