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Dear Parents and Guardians,

We have created this page to collect donations specifically for Band. There may be a specific fundraiser you are supporting, so please make a note of it in your donations.

Donations of any size for any reason are greatly appreciated, and you can notate the studnts name on your donation. 


Tickets must be purchased by April 5!

We have the Livingtree set up to purchase tickets for the game.

Here are the ticket prices:

View Level: $22 each

Field Level: $47 each

Here is the link to the site to order tickets:


If you originally RSVP'd through your music class that you plan to attend, that was NOT the actual order form. You must go through Livingtree to purchase your physical tickets!

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$142818.28 raised across all campaigns
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Mariia Peregudova (on behalf of Anna Volodina)

3 tickets for $22. Anna Volodina, flute

Lara Koubati (on behalf of Naji Marza)

On behalf of Naji Marza and 2 friends 3 view level tickets

Maria Estrada (on behalf of Polett Estrada )

Estrada family

Peter Rijken (on behalf of Anthony Rijken)

10 field view tickets on behalf of Anthony Rijken

Vanessa Ceballos (on behalf of Sean Ceballos)

Sean Ceballos

Heather J (on behalf of Maggie Hanks)

Maggie Hanks and Family

Philip Porter (on behalf of Philip Porter)

Field Level x 10

Bridgette Wells (on behalf of Kayla & Koen Wells)

For Kayla & Koen Wells + family. Field level x8

Jenghis Khan (on behalf of Mia Franchesca Villamater)

On behalf of Mia Franchesca Villamater 3 view level tickets x 3

Michael English (on behalf of Emma English)

Emma English - 8 view-level tickets

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