Cuthbertson Track 21-22

Thank you all for coming to our fundraising page for the 2021-2022 track and field season.  We truly appreciate you taking the time to check out our page and truly appreciate anything that you are willing to donate to our campaign.  We have a very big team with about 200 athletes and with a big team comes big expenditures.  Every dollar that is donated here will go directly to the track and field team to use this season and help us continue to build the best program in the Carolina's.  Below you will find a list of things that we need to pay for this year. 

-Improvements to our track facility- We have many different needs at the track that include, new blocks, an upgraded FAT system, Runway improvement, and hopefully a new throws area. 

-Indoor meet fees- It costs roughly $1,000 for every indoor meet we compete in. 

-Hotel Stays- We have multiple hotel stays throughout the year and we would love to pay for the team without asking parents for more money each time we have an expense. 

-Charter Buses- Some of our meets are far away and take place late in the day.  For this we use charter buses. 

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Cuthbertson Track 21-22

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