Cuthbertson Track and Field 22-23

This campaign will be used to fund the Cuthbertson Track and Field program for the the 22-23 season. 

$40,810.00 donated
$30,000.00 goal
Campaign ends on March 31, 2023 Campaign ended on March 31, 2023

This is a fundraiser for the Cuthbertson Track and Field team.  All money donated will go straigh to the track and field team for this year.  The money will be used to pay for entry fees, busing, equipment, senior gifts, and everything else that we need to run the track and field program for the year.  We ask that every athlete donate $175 for each season that they are competing or $300 for the full year if donating all at once.  

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Joey Schihl

Schihl Family

456 days ago
kiera samuel
Outdoor Parent Donation
464 days ago
Willie Pierson
465 days ago
Kenisia Taylor

Erik Taylor Outdoor Season Fee

Outdoor Parent Donation
467 days ago
Kathleen Rodriguez

Best of luck in track to the three Schihl runners.

471 days ago
anke hutson
Conference champion donation
473 days ago
Nancy Miller

Track donation

474 days ago
Blackwell Bridgforth

Team Donation

Outdoor Parent Donation
474 days ago
Heather Walters

Ava Walters

476 days ago
Alexis Ravaioli


476 days ago
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