DCS Montessori Fun Run 2022
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Campaign ends on October 05, 2022 Campaign ended on October 05, 2022
Last year, the MEF fundraising efforts supported more than $25,000 of classroom materials purchased, which benefitting every DCS Montessori student directly into the classrooms. The MEF will look to our exterior beginning this year and into the future.
DCS Montessori is committed to upgrading and remodeling its landscaping with three key Sustainability goals:
1) Reducing watering by eliminating natural grass and replacing it with recycled content artificial turf
2) Increasing our tree planting with drip irrigation for shade, carbon footprint reduction, and continued beautification
3) Adding renewable energy sources and examining energy reduction strategies
Current implementations we are fundraising for this year are ...
1) Eliminating natural grass and adding artificial turf to the Primary Playgrounds. 
2) Eliminating two sections of grass and resurfacing them on the southeast corner of the main building, replacing two dying trees with 4 new trees, and adding 5+ picnic tables to create an outdoor eating space for the elementary
3) Adding shade to the Middle School outdoor
Teacher training - DCS Montessori recognizes that recruiting and developing teachers is essential to DCS Montessori having a high-quality teaching staff--the most critical part of our school. This year we have two new teachers and one new administrator, who all received their training through MEF fundraising efforts. Training continues as two current staff in Assistant roles are in training right now, preparing to be the next teachers at DCS Montessori. This is part of MEF's fundraising expenditures every year!
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Brekke Vet (on behalf of Bauer Brekke, Torren Brekke)

Wahoo Ms Cocos class!

Gina Brekke (on behalf of Torren Brekke, Bauer Brekke)

Wahoo Ms Heathers Class

Karen Teague (on behalf of Brendan Teague)
Karen Teague (on behalf of Ethan Teague)
Emmy McLeish (on behalf of Liam Beach, Isla Beach, Cash Beach, Thea Beach)

I don’t know the names of their teachers. Sorry :(

James Dewey (on behalf of Bretton Ervin)

All the best Bretton!

Alex Tibar (on behalf of Sophie Tibar)
Alex Tibar (on behalf of Oliver Tibar)
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