EMHS Cheer Camp Fundraiser

Help the EMHS Cheer Team team afford an invaluable experience at cheerleading camp this Summer!

Project by: Eastside Memorial High School / Janelle Lim

EMHS Cheer Camp Fundraiser
EMHS Cheer Camp Fundraiser
EMHS Cheer Camp Fundraiser

Donation Amount


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Camp Sponsor

Your donation will help fund one member's attendance at camp. We would be happy to write you a personal thank you note!


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Panther Partner

Thank you for being our partner!


4 backers

Cartwheel Crew

Your generous donation will move us to cartwheels!


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Toe Touch Team

A gift like yours will inspire us to cheer with mega high toe touches!


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High V Visionaries

Your generosity will enable us to truly paint our team’s vision. Thank you!


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The Go-Go Get ‘em, Get ‘em Club

This fan favorite cheer will be in performed in your honor after your incredible gift.