Help Modazz take a Company Trip to Los Angeles!

Help us embark on a journey to Los Angeles, CA where we hope to learn what it takes to be a professional dancer! 

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Chandler HS' Modazz Dance Company is hoping to get a behind the scenes look at the professional Dance insdustry in Los Angeles. Students will be able to take classes from professional choreographers and talk to professional dancers in order to gain the knowledge necessary for anyone wanting to achieve success in Los Angeles. Modazz will also use this time to bond by attending Universal Studios together on the last day of their trip. Ultimately, students will leave with a better understanding of careers in Dance and how to work together as a team. Here are just a few of the AZ Dance Standards that students will accomplish after the trip to Los Angeles:

DA.PR.4.HS3a: Develop artistic and expressive clarity while performing alone and with others. Use varied focus to clarify movement and intent. Establish and break relationships with other dancers and audience as appropriate to the dance.

DA.RE.7.8b: Explain and compare how the elements of dance are used in a variety of genres, styles, or cultural movement practices to communicate intent. Use genre-specific dance terminology.

DA.PR.6.HS1a: Demonstrate leadership qualities (for example commitment, dependability, responsibility, and cooperation) when preparing for performances. Demonstrate performance etiquette and performance practices during class, rehearsal and performance. Post-performance, accept notes from the choreographer and apply corrections to future performances. Document the rehearsal and performance process and evaluate methods and strategies using dance terminology and production terminology.


All donations are tax-refundable and will go directly to the benefit of the Modazz member you'd like to support. 

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Carly Ruth (on behalf of Amiah Butler)

Dance your heart out mimi❤️


My niece deserves the best experience possible. God Bless them.

Nancy Lemberger

My dear sweet Makenna you are an awesome dancer. Dance on….. Love Nana

Dawn Washburn

On behalf of Amiah

Christina Lemberger
David Roy

Helping our Granddaughter, MaKenna!

Victor Soto

Te queremos mucho tus litos

Fatima Soto

Because I will support all ur adventures love u

Lori Ellington

To Help Makenna Lombardi. Love you, baby! Auntie Lulu

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