Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

Hurricane Harvey - How You Can Help in Austin

Give today to help displaced students and families recover from the impact of Hurricane Harvey.

Project by: Austin Ed Fund


Brita Hansen

Sep 01, 10:50am


We care about all our kids here in TX.

O'Connell Robertson

Sep 01, 8:38am



Sep 01, 8:35am


In support of the work of the wonderful AISD staff who are helping children displaced by Hurricane Harvey.

Nina Faulkner

Sep 01, 7:35am


Craig Cummings

Sep 01, 7:32am


Yanet Valladares

Sep 01, 5:10am


My family and I want to help a few families that really need it. We don't have much to give but would like to spread it out as much as we can. We didn't know how to go about sponsoring a family so we decided to go through AISD since we trust they will distribute the money appropriately.

Sloan McLain

Aug 31, 7:38pm


Kristen Warms

Aug 31, 6:47pm



Gordon King

Aug 31, 5:53pm


Linnea and Howard Savage

Aug 31, 1:21pm


Supporting Texas students.



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